Gators Sweeps in Game After Beat Uc Davis

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The sixth Florida volleyball team earned its second sweep in so many games after dominating UC Davis in straight sets on Saturday afternoon.

Florida won a close action in the first set, taking the frame 25-21, followed by a 25-11 victory in the second set. The Gators finished the game with a 25-18 victory in the final set.

With this victory, Mary Wise achieved her 900th victory at the University of Florida. She is only the second coach in Division I history to achieve 900 wins at a single school and she currently stands at 981 wins in her career overall.

Thayer Hall led the rude charge for the Gators, posting 11 expropriations in the morning. Merritt Beason followed with nine disposals, while T’ara Ceasar and Marlie Monserez each scored seven in the game.

Middle blockers Lauren Forte and Lauren Dooley each added five eliminations of their own in the three-set heat.

Marlie Monserez led the Gators to a. 352 goals in the game, delivering 29 assists.

Florida dominated on the net, posting 10.0 blocks. Forte had a team-high eight blocks into the game, a Florida career high for the senior redshirt. Caesar added three blocks, while Beason placed two on the right.

Elli McKissock recorded nine digs to lead the fullback defense, followed by eight of each from Monserez and Hall.

The Gators close out the Hornet Invitational against Sacramento State at 22: 00 ET. The game will be broadcast on ESPN+.


6 Florida (2-0)

UC Davis (0-2)

How Did It Happen?

  • The first set was a back-and-forth affair, with neither team holding more than a three-point lead in the first half. The Gators took a four-point lead at 12-8, but the Aggies pulled out of the hole and captured the set at 14 points. Again, Florida created some distance, taking a three-point lead at 17-14, allowing a UC Davis time-out. The Aggies fought back and put the frame at 17-17, this time forcing Florida to use its first timeout.
  • UC Davis took an 18-17 lead at halftime, but Florida closed after a 7-4 run to secure the frame.
  • The alligators hit.293 in the first set, led by six Hall eliminations. Dooley added four sales of his own in the first frame, followed by three each from Beason and Monserez.
  • With the second set tied 4-4, the Gators went on a 6-2 run to force a UC Davis timeout on the 10-6 mark. Florida continued to build its lead, leading seven lengths to 16-9 to allow the Aggies to use their final timeout. After the break, the Gators closed a 9-2 point behind a strong service from Caesar to take a 2-0 lead in the duel.
  • Come here.435 in the second frame, while the Aggies on one -.120 clips. Beason took a team-best four eliminations in the set, while Caesar added three.
  • UC Davis took a 7-3 lead early in the third set, forcing the Gators to use their first timeout. Florida pulled out of the hole, the third set was 8-8.
  • UF then put together a 10-4 run to take an 18-12 advantage after in the frame. The Aggies came within three points at 21-18, but Florida ended the threat with a 4-0 run to end the game.
  • UF here .370 in the final frame, led by four eliminations from Hall. Forte and Beason added three each in the final set.


  • Wise won her 900th game with the University of Florida Today, bringing her to 981 in her career overall, she is only the second coach in Division I history to achieve 900 wins at a single school (Karen Chisum, Texas State)
  • There is only one other active Division I head coach who has crossed the 900-win threshold at a school (Russ Rose, Penn State)
  • In NCAA Division I history, Russ Rose (Penn State), Dave Shoji (Hawaii), Andy Banachowski (UCLA) and Karen Chisum (Texas State) are the only four coaches to have 900 wins on a single institution
  • Forte’s eight blocks are a career Florida record for the redshirt senior who joined the team in January. 2021
  • Beason sets new season record with nine disposals
  • Florida Goes to 1-0 against Aggies
  • With her 29 assists today, Marlie Monserez is one step closer to breaking into the UF Top-10. She is currently on 2,562 career assists, just 109 shy of claiming the n ° 10 spot

Reflections of Coach Wise

“With these pre-season games, the test is quick turnover with little preparation. UC Davis played very well and it was a great opportunity for us to improve.”

Next Up

The Gators conclude the Hornet Invitational with a game against Sacramento State at 22 ET
The game will be broadcast on ESPN+

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